ModwrightAudio Power LabsAudiophiles have had countless options to put together systems that they could tweak and restructure to improve the audio quality, trying to get as close as possible to authentic sound. Historically, audiophiles have Bowers & Wilkins - Zeppelinrelied on sources such as turntables and CD players. While many audiophiles still use turntables in their systems, the evolution of digital music has brought about changes in thesources.

DevialetThe modern audiophile can use high-quality digital-to-analog convertersto get the best possible quality out of lower resolution music. Or, better yet, play high-resolution digital music files directly into their system, perhaps using a re-clocking program like Amara.

Gibson GuitarFor those who still like their music to come on a disc, the Blu-ray player has turned into the ultimate source component. The rationale being that many Blu-ray players are, in fact, universal players, allowing them to play CDs, SACDs, and DVD-Audio discs. Additionally, there have been several releases of high-resolution music on Blu-ray discs.

While the sources may have changed from turntables to computers running programs, the principles of the hobby have remained intact. Instead of trying to figure out which cartridge produces the most natural sound, now the hunt is for the program that decodes the high-resolution files the best. Which digital-to-analog converter produces the truest sound? Or has enough control options to allow you to find the perfect balance in your system. What are the best recordings being released in the high-resolution formats?

While the audio industry has moved in a new direction, the audiophile hobby is still very much alive and remains one filled with lively discussion.

Some of The Most Popular Audiophile Source Components of All Time Include:

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